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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The cow and the farmer

If I remember correctly, none of my posts on cows so far have any mention of Lalu Prasad Yadav. It's never too late to correct this egregious blunder, so do check out this quote by him in this week's Economist (subs. link, sadly):
If you don't milk your cow fully it falls sick, and if the cow falls sick the farmer goes sick.
Unfortunately for us, Lalu doesn't quite explain the mechanics of how the second part of that statement plays itself out. If my cow gets a cold, for example, why should I fall sick? I'm not frigging french-kissing it and taking all its germs, am I? And I rather think any self-respecting cow would prefer to be sick than to have its titties manhandled every day.

Anyway, the article is not about cows, and Lalu says what he does while explaining "his solutions to the problems of the world's second largest railway network."

These solutions involve "volume-boosting and cost-cutting measures that have made diehard officials in the stuffy Railways Board shudder," which suits me just fine. Milk the udder, make them shudder, steer the rudder. And though I hear only good things about Lalu's stint in the railway ministry, the best of them probably is that it keeps him busy and out of Bihar's way. There's much merit in that.

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