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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cows that "moo with a Somerset drawl"

The BBC reports that language specialists have found that cows, just like humans, speak with an accent. It even has a link to an audio recording of different kinds of moos.

Sadly, there's no track of a cow singing "Moo your body, Moo your body." Cows are like humans not just in their accents, but in their sensuality as well. That's what I'm waiting for the BBC to report.

(Link via separate emails from readers TG Vasu, Sriram Krishnamoorthy and Ravi Gurnani.)

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Update (August 24): Falstaff writes in to direct me to a post on Language Log in which John Wells, the expert quoted in that news story, says that some of the words attributed to him were the "inventions of a public relations firm." Wells says that he finds it "highly unlikely" that cows could have an accent.

Bummer. I feel like a little boy from Andheri who's just been told that Santa Claus does not exist. "But Santa Cruz does, right?" I ask. "Please tell me at least Santa Cruz exists.

"And Bandra, what about Bandra?"
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