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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A tale of two hungry Martians

Two Martians, flying towards Earth, are having a conversation:

Nghffrx: My friend, Swrtxf, I am hungry.

Swrtxf: My colleague, Nghffrx, I am afraid you will have to wait. The nearest planet is earth, and they don't have any food there, as far as I know.

Nghffrx: Oh, Swrtfx, this is most terrible. I might be forced to start eating this spacecraft, and where does that leave us?

Swrtxf: You are most melodramatic, Nghffrx. Oh wait! Look! Do you see that?

Nghffrx: What? Where? Who?

Swrtxf: It's a KFC logo! They have KFC on Earth. The heavens be praised.

Nghffrx: Wheeeeee! Drive down, quick!

Yes, it's true: KFC is now visible from outer space.

(Link via email from n.)
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