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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Children's Day, and suchlike

I find the concept of having days for things rather silly. So today is Children's Day. What on earth does that mean, I ask no one in particular. A gruff voice from the neighbouring flat replies:

"Children's Day means I treat my children well today. I don't beat them up, or take my frustrations out on them. Instead, I beat up my wife."

"So what do you do on Women's Day?" I ask.

"I don't beat up my woman that day," the reply comes. "I buy her a greeting card, and have sex with her, but finish well before she comes, because we can't afford to spoil them, you see."

"And what about Father's Day?" I ask.

"I call him up and wish him," he says. "He asks why I haven't called for six months. What does he expect, the old man? After all, I'm so busy with my wife and kids."

Well, whatever. If there is a child anywhere in you, Happy Children's Day. And don't let the adult in you get out. They spoil the world, they do.
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