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Monday, November 13, 2006

Ladies, head to Patna

India Today recently had a cover story on a sex survey that they had done in India. From the blurbs in the magazine, a couple of excerpts:
60% young men in Ahmedabad think oral sex is important.

67% in Patna always make sure their girlfriends have an orgasm.
Also, one of the questions asked in the survey was "What do you prefer in foreplay?" While 66% like "kissing," 42 like "massage," and 36% like "looking at body parts." Exponential delight expands.

But seriously, such surveys, while they give the magazine a chance to put in lots of supposedly steamy pictures and perhaps sell more copies, make no sense. No man I know will be honest when asked questions about sex, particularly when it comes to matters like frequency of sex and whether their partner had an orgasm. Many of the 24% of people who admitted to trying "girlfriend swapping" surely did not understand what the term meant, and probably thought the question was about if they'd changed girlfriends. And let's not even talk of sample sizes and generalisations.

And no, for the reader who asked recently, my blog is not named after my, ahem, organ. Thank you very much.

Update (November 14): Naveen Mandava has more comments on the survey here.
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