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Monday, November 13, 2006

Why the world sucks

God is drunk.

The article even has the greatest typo in the recent history of typos:
“The offering should be brought in a sealed bottle. For, devotees have often finished off half a bottle before making the offer-Sameer Mahoolkar ing,” he added.
I'm presuming the quoted sentence was going to end with the word "offering," and the bugger keying it in was also busy on some other window writing an email to this Sameer Mahoolkar chappie, and this window became active when he wasn't looking and he keyed it in here instead. And that's how Sameer Mahoolkar gets into the Times of India.

Ah, the intoxication of the almighty!

(Link via email from Fleiger, and yes, I know it's an old link, but its delights are timeless, no?)
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