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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Action in Mumbai

There might be many things wrong with Mid Day, Mumbai's tabloid, but one thing they unfailingly provide is entertainment. Check out these three headlines:

Fire officer suspended 22 times in 33 yrs
69% say YES to dance bars...
Traffic jam trips up jewel thieves

What fun. I love the letters that are below the dance-bar story, and the start of the fire-officer story, by Vinod Kumar Menon, which I reproduce here:
Here’s one career distinction that chief fire officer NM Narkar will not be too proud of. He has been suspended 22 times in a career spanning 33 years, apparently for no fault of his.

Each time, the inquiry commission clears him of all the allegations and he is reinstated at the same post.

Not surprisingly, Narkar (58) of Bhiwandi Nizampura fire brigade, who has only nine months to go before he retires, is currently under suspension.

Nice. And in case you're wondering where I'm blogging from, I'm at a hotel in Delhi right now, about to leave shortly for a players' press conference at The Taj. And yes, I'm feeling much better, though my throat still hurts, and everything I say is being misheard and misunderstood. I told a friend on the phone, for example, that I was filing a piece, and he told another friend that I was stretching my knees. And so on.
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