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Monday, November 20, 2006

Lalu Prasad Yadav and Noel Gallagher

No, no, the two gents named in the headline aren't hooking up, so hold your horses (unless they're irritable). Instead, they're both displaying the same honest hubris that James Ellroy had displayed not long ago.

According to PTI, Lalu Prasad Yadav recently said, ""I am India's minister number one." (Yes, obviously Govinda is going to play him in the film.) And Noel Gallagher told the Guardian:
Look. I was a superhero in the 90s. I said so at the time. McCartney, Weller, Townsend, Richards, my first album's better than all their first albums. Even they'd admit that."
Hmm. Vastly preferable to false modesty, frankly, and if a rock star's not going to strut around, who will? Someone has to strut around, no?

By the way, Oasis's (What's the Story) Morning Glory was recently included by Time magazine in their list of 'The All-Time 100 albums,' which is neither here not there, as that wasn't their first album. In fact, there aren't too many debut albums on that list to begin with.

Is your favourite album on there? Many of my favourites (Astral Weeks, Blonde on Blonde, Blue, Moondance, Sticky Fingers) are included, so I'm not complaining. Time should now do a list of the 100 all-time ministers and put Rabri Devi there. That'll teach Lalu.

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