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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nagraj v Shakoora the Magician

Joy will never cease. You'd imagine that Superman, Batman and Spiderman would make a pretty formidable team, but Shakoora the Magician has them all trussed up and helpless. So who is the last hope of Planet Earth then? Nagraj is!

Saket very kindly emails me a link to this fine comic book, which he discovered via Vijay. It is full of the most glorious verninesses. (I mean that in a positive sense.) In it, you will find Superman, on being punched away, exclaim "Uff! He flew me like a housefly."

It is here that you will read the immortal piece of commentary, "And Nagraj, who can kill tens of elephants with his teeth, failed to harm him."

And it is here, and only here, that Superman, Batman and Spiderman together partake of "a grand dinner in Le Meridian."

Imagine Dev Anand and Mithun Chakravarty in a film version of this. Fun would have come multiple times.

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Update (September 15): Vijay writes in to say he got the link via Hemant. Long may Hemant live.
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