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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Islam v Christianity

There are some debates you can't enter into on a serious forum because too many jokers would get offended, but in comedy, anything goes. Do check this old clip below from the Daily Show in which Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert argue the relative merits of Islam and Christianity, and then have a 'pray-off'. In the end, the Lord be praised, they find some common ground.

As readers of this blog would know, I'm an atheist. However, that doesn't mean, as a reader recently wrote in, that I'm anti-religion. I'm perfectly okay with religion in the private sphere: you're free to believe in Jesus or Allah or Ganpati or the FSM or blue fairies made of cheese or whatever. But to try to force these beliefs upon others, or infringe on their freedoms on the basis of these beliefs, is wrong. Sadly, religion is routinely used to justify the most horrible crimes on humanity, though some good things have also come out of it: consider Sunday, for example.

(Carell v Colbert link via email from Manish.)
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