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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keep your stomach happy

Only the Times of India could have come up with a phrase like "pleased as a paunch." Manish Vij has more. (And he also tells us that Sanjay Dutt is still alive.)

A few months ago, when I was on my way with Yazad to meet a friend of his, Yaz remarked, "she's looking forward to meeting India's most-read blogger." With characteristic self-deprecation (and honesty!), I said, "Oh, so when is she meeting Manish Vij?" That's formed my stock response whenever someone refers to me in those terms, though I am, needless to say, secretly thrilled. (Going by this, I could also have named Kiruba.)

My regard for Manish was formed because of his work on Sepia Mutiny, the group blog with an outstanding line-up of bloggers, of whom Manish was my favourite. He's left SM now to start his own blog, ultrabrown, and it's already rocking. (He lives in Mumbai and is most convivial, though I am not at liberty to reveal what he's doing here!) So hop on over, why on earth are you still here?

Ok, ok, don't go. Just hang around here all day and all night and keep refreshing. I'm a loser, so if you're reading me...
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