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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thinking out of the tank

People evolve, and so does the internet, and blogs. Blogging puts an outstanding self-publishing tool in the hands of all of us, and empowers those among us who have interesting things to say but normally wouldn't get a chance to build an audience. However, the very format of blogging has inbuilt limitations, and it's inevitable that many blogs will evolve into spaces that offer a bit more. Indeed, India Uncut will go down that route shortly, most probably with resounding failure, given this author's past record and limited ability.

However, one new address on the internet that contains blogs but is more than just an agglomeration of them is The Indian National Interest, which has the clever tagline, "Thinking out of the tank." This is started by two bloggers I respect more than I disagree with, which is often: Nitin Pai and Primary Red of Secular-Right India. Nitin, in my view, writes about foreign policy better than any writer in India's mainstream media. (He also takes occasional friendly potshots at me, as here! A response is overdue.)

Their's is a space I would watch closely. They are small today, and perhaps not very influential, but I'm certain that will change.
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