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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I also bought ticket, no!

When "Brokeback Mountain" first came out in the halls here, I decided not to go and see it. "I'll just see the DVD," I said. "It'll ruin my viewing experience if there are all kinds of idiots around me making all kinds of stupid remarks, which I quite expect during any love-making scenes."

Well, I eventually did watch it in a theatre, and there were only six other people in the hall, two of whom made out (with each other) quietly, and one of whom seemed to be either sleeping or dead. I loved the film. I won't write review-like things here, but I found the pace to be just right, and the screenplay and the acting to be immaculate. I didn't regret my decision of watching it in a theatre.

But poor Jai, well, what to say? He wasn't quite so lucky: read about it all here. And I agree with his views of "Brokeback Mountain" to the letter, another good reason why I need not elaborate any further on that topic.

How does one deal with talkative people in halls? These days, I try to avoid fights, and generally tolerate noise till I can't take it any more, and then I request the person, with immense, overdone politeness, to keep quiet. At times, in the past, I have lost it, and said regrettable things to offenders such as "Do you come from a village? Do you not know how to behave in civilised society?" That is quite obnoxious, I agree, and most unfair to residents of villages -- but it often embarrasses the offender enough to keep him quiet, which serves my purpose.

The problem here is that people go to watch movies for different reasons. Many people, like me, like to immerse themselves in the film, and concentrate on nothing but that. Others see a trip to see a movie as a fun outing, with popcorn, chatter and the company of friends. The expectations of these two types of people often clash inside the hall. Most people in the second category would respect the feelings of the first, but sometimes egos get hurt. I once asked someone:

"Um, excuse me, could you please talk later, we're watching the film?"

"So I'm also bloody watching film," the fellow boomed. "I also bought ticket, no. I'm also bloody watching."

Awkward silence. Then the fellow continues:

"Bloody basket."

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