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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A syndrome of denial

Reader AC writes in:
Just read your Wall Street Journal article, "The Kidnapping of India."

What is more incredible is here in the USA we have many academics, and other "intellectuals," usually very rich and prominent, that still dream of the return of the workers paradise, except this time, in the USA.

The actual, real world track record of what Soviet style socialism has wrought - in Cuba, Eastern Europe, Cambodia, within the Soviet Union proper, and yes, in India, matters not a whit to these intellectuals and their followers. At least in India there were not purposeful mass exterminations, but the suffering there of the poor was enhanced and aggravated by the socialist policies of Gandhi's government.

Socialists seem to suffer from a "holocaust denial" syndrome whereby they deny or rationalize away the political corruption, intolerance, mass murder, total lack of economic and personal liberties, wide-scale poverty, commodity shortfalls and economic bankruptcy inherent in the political theology of socialism.

The recent economic progress over the last several years in India - mostly a result of liberalization of commerce and trade, and the attendant improvement on living conditions for millions of people - does not in the slightest give the true Socialist reason to pause and reconsider their views on the quasi-religious political philosophy to which they adhere. All that matters to them is their religion - Socialism; and all else, and everyone else can go to hell.
Well put.

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