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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lawless in India

Reagarding my earlier post about an incident in Bangalore, Vikram Goyal writes in:
I am surprised that you are surprised that this kind of thing happened in Bangalore. Surely, you would realize that something like this can occur anywhere in India. I have spent 4 years in Bihar, 2 in Mumbai, 6 months in Bangalore and about 18 years in North India and I can say with a fair amount of conviction that Bangalore or Bihar, India is the same everywhere and this is what maddens me the most.

Once, while travelling from Agra to Delhi on a train, I got robbed of all the money in my pocket (approx. US$ 800 + Rs 2000). The culprits? Guards of the Railway Protection Force (or is it the Railway Police Force?). I was recently overseas returned, full of optimism for my future in the country, carrying a laptop and wearing shorts and sandals; in short, a safe, naive and stupid target. They gheroed me (There were 5 gun-toting constables), threatened me, demanded my passport, threw away my laptop and in short almost pushed me off the running train till I agreed to hand over the money.

What could I do? Could I complain? To whom? The Police? The Railways? The same people who robbed me?
The last of those questions sums it all up, doesn't it?
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