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Friday, June 17, 2005

Letting go of Azaadi

Gaurav Sabnis evaluates the Hurriyat's visit to Pakistan. He sums it up thus:
So what did the visit achieve? For one, it sidelined [Syed Ali Shah] Geelani's hardline faction which still believes that terrorism is the answer in Kashmir. It sent positive messages as no venom was spewed anywhere. The Hurriyat fellows also ended up supporting [Pervez] Musharraf's "Kashmir Formula of the Week", which this week happens to suggest autonomy sans independence, something India would willingly love to talk about. So we also saw the Hurriyat, for the first time, even if tacitly, letting go of the 'Azaadi' concept.
Hmm. So what's next?

PS: The last time I asked "what's next?" it was rhetorical, but Rakesh Chaudhary nevertheless answered. Here...
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