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Monday, June 27, 2005

Blame it on the building

UNI reports:
Hardoi, UP: Toeing the line of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee, the district unit of the party has taken the help of a 'vaastu' expert to put an end to party infighting.

The expert was summoned by District Congress Committee (DCC) president Sanjay Trivedi after members complained that "it felt strange to sit in the two-storeyed building".

Congress workers claimed vaastu could help the district unit get rid of infighting, which had been plaguing its performance of late.
Hmm. Maybe Manmohan Singh ought to get Prakash Karat's building examined as well, instead of making overtures to him like this one. I can imagine this interview:
Interviewer to Manmohan Singh: Mr Prime minister, we have heard that the Left has differences with your government. What is the root cause of it? Is it privatisation?

Manmohan: No.

Interviewer: Is it the reforms process?

Manmohan: No.

Interviewer: Is it the labour reforms you'd like to carry out? The fact that you're not supporting the Maoists of Nepal? Are you not anti-American enough, perhaps?

Manmohan: Arre, no, no, no.

Interviewer: What is it then?

Manmohan: You see, Mr Karat's office faces the West. That is the core problem. We're planning to relocate his office. Everything will be fine then.
And maybe Manmohan should get his office checked as well, and blame it for this.

Update: Vikram Arumilli and Manish Manke both point out via email that the BJP had also once used vaastu to solve its problems.
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