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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bagdadi rules

A marvellous time was had at the blog meet today, with 12 people turning up, but more on that later. (Update: here.) To begin with, here are the contents of a notice board at Bagdadi Restaurant, where five remnants from the blog meet went for dinner (all typos etc in original):
Bagdadi Restaurant

Notice board

1. Extra item shall be charged.

2. Please do not argue with employees of the restaurant.

3. Please check your belongings before leaving the restaurant, we are not responsible for any loss or damage.

4. Foods once served shall not be taken back.

5. Out side eatables/drinks not allowed.

6. Food may not be served to drunken persons.

7. Alcoholic drinks strictly prohibited in the restaurant.

8. Please do not make any nuisance and/or disturb the other customers.

9. Please do not sit for a long time.

10. Please do not wash hands on plate.

11. Any person misbehaving with the customer or staff shall be handed over to police.

12. 2nd Time Lemon/Onion request is charged extra.

Please tender the exact change.

Thank you
Interestingly, a slightly newer notice added a nuance to point 6. It read: "Food may not be served to over drunken persons."

The bit I loved the most was the "and/or" in the eighth point. And yes, the chicken was nice too, and the rotis, large, soft, filled with flavour, were the stuff of poetry. Aren't you glad I don't write any?
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