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Thursday, November 02, 2006

God v Science

At the moment, Rahul Bhatia points out with reference to the Indo-Burma tectonic plates, God is winning.

She can't even celebrate Her win, because She doesn't even exist. How ironic is that?

No, but seriously, how could it be otherwise? When we seek to understand the world, God is a far simpler explanation than complex, often-unintuitive science. "Oh, bugger the equations," our subconscious is likely to think, "There is a higher power, and that is that."

And when we seek comfort in our dark moments, when we think of our mortality, or how badly life is treating us, and so on, God is a comforting explanation, for She will ensure we outlive our bodies, and She will make sure justice is done in the long run, and so on.

If She doesn't exist, we tell ourselves, life would be meaningless. And since that can't be so, She must exist. With such circular logic, we wave away thoughts of things like death and tsunamis and tectonic plates. Such it is, such is it.
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