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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sports, glamour and Jyoti Randhawa

Jyoti Randhawa is quoted as saying in the Times of India:
I like being stylish. I am very fond of accessories like watches and shoes. I like wearing branded stuff. I mostly buy English shoes and love wearing sports watches that suit my personality.

As golf is a stylish game, I have tried to imbibe some glamour. It is very important for the modern-age sportsman to be glamorous.
Randhawa ends by saying, "I wouldn't mind walking the ramp if given an offer." Now, I have no idea if he was misquoted a bit -- surely he couldn't have said something as goofy as "I have tried to imbibe some glamour" -- but worrying memories of Himalaya Dassani come to mind here. Someone needs to sit him down and tell him about core competencies and competitive advantage. Golf, dude, golf -- get that foundation off and go practice yer swing.

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