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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Most verny question ever

HT Tabloid can liven up the dullest evenings, it can. Their recent interview with Sushmita Sen begins with a classic line I urge you to read for yourself, but I simply cannot help quoting this remarkable question they put to her:
Don't you feel difficult to get into a relationship with a virgin boy because of your image of a woman who has always enticed married men?
Who thinks of these questions, really? This is remarkable, and reminds me of a friend I once had in college who thought in much the manner of this questioner. He was ultra-prudish, and judgemental of anyone who even looked at chicas, leave alone thought of them in a sexual way. (His dad was Maharashtrian and his mom was German, so me and my friends used to call him KGB, or Konkanastha German Brahmin.) One day he was behaving ultra-prudishly about sex -- I think he berated someone who told us a dirty joke -- and one of the chappies present there, nicknamed Psycho, lost his cool.

"Listen, XXX," Psycho told him, "I would like you to know why you exist on this planet. It is because your dadda humped your momma. Is that clear? Your dadda's [word-for-organ] went into your momma's [you-know-what] and they did humpity humpity humpity, and you know something dude, they weren't thinking of what a sweet little kid they were producing with all that work. Diggita? Comprendre? Huh? Huh?"

"Nooooo," KGB shrieked. "Don'th shay thhath. Don'th shay ith, nuth-thing like thath happ-ppenedh, nuth-thing!"

"So was it the milkman then," Psycho snarled. "Huh?"

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