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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Air Slovakia goes Bhangra

BBC reports:
Harjinder Singh Sidhu, who lives in the UK and is a British passport holder, bought Air Slovakia, a small privately owned airline based in the capital, Bratislava last week, it has emerged.

His son, Riqbal 'Rocky' Singh, told the BBC News website that his father wants to transform the 60-employee Air Slovakia into a "Punjabi experience".
Read the rest of the piece for the details, which speaks of "Punjabi ambience and flavour," and "crew, food and in-flight entertainment from ... Punjab." Rocky Singh ends with the priceless quote, "Let us say it [the airline] is about to enter puberty. It needs some tender love and care."

Frankly, the thought of an airplane behaving like a horny adoloscent scares me, especially if there are airhostesses inside clad in Patiala salwars and doing the Giddha on an aisle designed to look like a sarson da khet. On the other hand, we only live once, so if I ever go to Slovakia, you know which airline I'm going to fly.

(Link via email from reader Shankar Rajagopalan.)
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