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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gursewak Mann held for misbehaviour in loo

The Times of India reports that Gursewak Mann, the Punjabi folk singer, was arrested recently "soon after 21-year-old Neha accused him of clicking her picture while she was in the loo of a city pub."

I can't figure out the logistics of the alleged crime, though. Did he sneak into the Ladies loo and hide behind a commode? Did he leave some kind of remote-controlled camera there? Did he entice her somehow into the Gents loo? Immense curiosity comes.

And if you want to know who the fellow is, here, watch a video in which he glamourises eve-teasing.

Update: All is revealed. It seems that Gursewak Mann's "NRI friend, China-born Tony Temps, had clicked Neha’s photographs inside the ladies washroom while she was washing her face." And the victim, Neha Thakur, has been quoted as saying:
In the party, Gursewak stood at the door while his friend entered the toilet. His friend clicked my pictures while I was inside the toilet. When I confronted his friend, Gursewak manhandled me and also tried to throw his weight around.
Gursewak's celebrity status kept him safe for a while, it seems, for obvious reasons. Indeed, a cop has been quoted as saying:
ASI took both the girl and her friend for medical test late night to get the alcohol content checked. Prima facie it appears to be the case of misunderstanding as Gursewak has denied his involvement.
In a system with any accountability, the gentleman saying that would be sacked right away. Every fricking culprit denies his involvement, and if policemen are to make "prima facie" judgements based on what the accused say, we might as well dismantle the entire justice system.

Not that it's anything but dysfunctional.
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