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Friday, September 08, 2006

The good wife's guide, and some recent nonsense

The famous "Good Wife's Guide" may well be a hoax, but the attitude it encapsulates is all around us. Consider this Rediff message board, for example, based on the silly question, "Would you marry a career woman?" A whole bunch of men spring up and disparage women who choose to work, and say things like:
[Excerpt 1] Tell me why the divorce is on the rise today ? Men were working since centuries,but there were no many divorces right ? The problem is that many women try to behave 'manly' once they do job. [sic]

[Excerpt 2] Can you tell me where does the question of 'courage' arises when :
1.I need my wife to be at home when I get back from office and ask for a cup of tea ?
2.I need a girl who will have affection towards for my parents.
3.I need some good home-cooked food without having my wife look all-tiring after office and home work. [sic again]

[Excerpt 3] I have seen the about 80% career woman feel themselves happier or a kind of fashion when roaming around with other partners (they call pals), and not their husband. They are plain cheat. Do not marry the non-locals studying or doing jobs in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. Have seen them all. Particularly the girls from Assam. [sic, and sick!]
Well, what to say about these jokers now? The worrying thing is that these attitudes are so common, as you'll realise if you spend some time reading Rediff's message boards, which are like magnets for neanderthals. It's the institution of arranged marriage that finds these chappies mates, because I can't imagine any self-respecting woman willingly teaming up with jerks like these. I'd love to have 'em out of the gene pool, but sadly they're the ones who're multiplying most furiously. All across the country beds creak in disgust.

(Snopes link via email from Quizman, Rediff link via email from MadMan.)
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