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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Preity Zinta on being a Bimbo

Speaking to HT Tabloid, Preity Zinta says
... I will advise those who want to come in the film industry that unless you complete your basic education, don't think of trying your hand here. A great look and hot body may make you successful but you will not become a successful actress but a successful bimbo. You will never get the credit for a hit film, because your contribution in the film will be nothing more than just being an on-screen bimbo.
Ms Zinta seems to be implying here that the lack of basic education will a) make you a bimbo and b) not get you credit for a hit film, presumably because you can't act without basic education. Well, well, well. Perhaps we can learn how to be a bimbo from Ms Zinta, but I don't think it's in the way the fine lady intends.

Earlier in the same piece, Minnisha Lamba tells us that "[i]t's very natural for a person to get glued to a face which is pretty and a body which is just wonderful." So now you know why I'm always walking around with Fevicol.

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