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Friday, June 30, 2006

Talking on the phone = Drinking

In the context of driving, that is.

Researchers have found that people who talk on their cell phones while driving "are as impaired as drunken drivers." Here's a news report, and here's the study itself (pdf file).

This doesn't surprise me at all. It so happens time and again that I'm stuck on the road behind some fellow driving extremely slowly, and when I manage to get past him I find it's a man talking on a cellphone. (Indeed, I mostly find that it's men doing this, and that's as I'd expect: women are, firstly, better at multi-tasking, and secondly, less likely to be unconcerned about the inconvenience they cause to others. There are solid evolutionary reasons for both.)

I think more than Krrish and Superman, the world needs a superhero who goes around punishing people who chat on their cellphones while driving. Lift 'em out of their car windows by their collars, soar up a hundred metres or so, smile at them and say, "the signal's better up here," and leave the darned collars/callers. Yes, that should do it.
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