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Friday, June 10, 2005

Killer cows

You think they're soft? You think you can mess with them? Take this:
Nigerian police have arrested a cow that killed a bus driver who was urinating on a highway, a police spokesperson said on Thursday.

The horned African cow, which was wandering stray in the Ojo district of Nigeria's biggest city Lagos, also injured several bystanders after killing the man.
Ok, so you think that's just one cow, and that by and large cows are docile creatures. Ha! In fact, for emphasis: Ha! Take this:
Emotions ran high yesterday in Lagos after stray cows went on the rampage goring two persons including a lunatic to death. Several others were injured as the cows surged into passers-by and traders at the Trade Fair Complex where a herd had been taken by their owner for grazing.
So don't ever mess with a cow again. And shift to soya milk. Ok? Good.

(Links via email from the noble Vikram Arumilli, whose heart is certainly in the right place.)

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