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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Drink ghee and even a debtor be

In response to this post of mine, Anand of Locana writes:
[H]ow does one practise Hinduism? One easily sees that there are no rules at all. There's no holy book. Different Hindus may believe in different gods, some Hindus may not believe in any god. There are no uniform rituals. If you go by the Hindu tradition, atheism is as much a part of Hinduism as theism is. Prominent Hindu philosophical systems cover a wide spectrum, from Vedanta with a mystic and ritualistic base to Lokayata (or Carvakism) which is rationalistic and somewhat hedonistic in nature. Live merrily as long as you can, the Carvakas say.
Harini Calamur had emailed me on the same subject, saying:
Atheism is an accepted philosophy within Hinduism. The Lokayata School of thought postulated, and i paraphrase, that there is only the reality of this world and that is the physical existence of life in the world. There is neither God nor rebirth. Its school of thought is Charvaka Dharma.
Hmm. Can't say I disagree with that.
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