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Sunday, May 08, 2005

The P in the Pink City

Narayan Bareth of the BBC reports:
The municipal corporation in the western Indian city of Jaipur has announced a bold initiative to prevent urination on the streets.

It is all set to impose fines of 20 rupees (50 US cents), more than an average day's wages for many Indians.

"It will be taken as a charge for clearing up the mess," said Jaipur's Mayor Ashok Parnmi.

And how will this be enforced? The report elaborates:
He [Mayor Parnmi] said that under the new scheme, city corporation officials would roam the streets and impose on-the-spot fine on anyone found urinating in public.

The offenders are overwhelmingly men who are also inclined to spit in public as well. But so far there are no signs that that they will also be penalised for this habit.

Yes, I can imagine this scene:
[Inspector Sherawat in plain clothes runs up to a man standing facing a wall, legs apart, hands on zipper.]

Inspector Sherawat: Caught you, caught you. Pay a fine, now!

The Man: But I'm not peeing. Haha haha haha. Fooled you. I'm not peeing.

[Inspector Sherawat looks down, the man is just posing in front of the wall with hand on zip. His, um, organ is still inside his trousers.]

Inspector Sherawat: But you were about to.

The Man: No, I wasn't. I'm a kinky man, I like to stand like this. And spit.

[The man spits. Inspector Sherawat looks stunned. The man spits again. And again.]

Inspector Sherawat: Thoo! [He spits and walks away]

Yes, whatever. Link via Vikram Arumilli.
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