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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Violence on the hockey field

I've always advocated a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to foul play on a sporting field, and there are few fields of play quite as foul as the hockey grounds of India. Games regular break into violence encounters, with players fighting each other, players assaulting referees, and so on. Football hooliganism in England comes from the fans; hockey goondagardi originates with the players. What a shame.

The latest such instance is of Deepak Thakur, the India forward, being beaten up by an opposing players during a game between Indian Oil and Punjab Police. NDTV reports:
Indian Oil's Thakur had objected to Punjab Police defender Kanwalpreet Singh's tackling of Prabhjot Singh, an IOL forward.

Incensed over the objection, Kanwalpreet, himself an international player, hit Thakur on the face repeatedly with his stick.

Following the incident, the Indian forward had to be rushed to a city hospital for treatment.

Medical tests revealed Thakur had a broken nose and injuries on the right side of the face and hand, hospital sources said.

Punjab Police has, deservingly, been thrown out of the competition in which this game took place. And although it won't happen, Punjab Police should throw out Kanwalpreet. The guy's a policeman, for crying out loud. His job is to protect people, and to uphold the law. Or is that too much to expect from a cop?
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