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Friday, February 04, 2005

No salary? What about ice cream?amitblogs

Rediff reports that central government employees may not get their salary for the month of February 2005. Apparently, there is a budget shortfall of Rs 500 crores, and thus, for the first time, the government may be unable to pay its employees.

A dog's life, isn't it, for those poor blokes? Maybe not. Mid Day reports that the Bombay Presidency Kennel Club recently held its 102nd dog show, for which they received 220 entries. The dogs competed on various parameters, including obedience, health, stature and physique, and care was taken not to expose them to "noise pollution". At the end of the show, each dog got two cups of ice cream.

Update (February 5): The finance ministry has just clarified that central government employees will get their February salaries. A gentleman named D Swarup, who bears the grandiose title of expenditure secretary, announced: "Rs 500 crore is nothing for the government."

Hey, Mr Swarup, got a question to ask: you got a dog, by any chance?
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