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Monday, December 04, 2006

A kiss against the law?

An advocate who clearly need to get more action has filed a case in Indore against Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan for their kiss in the film, Dhoom 2. PTI reports:
The complainant has alleged that women felt offended after watching the scene and it promoted vulgarity in society, especially among the youth.
I have just finished conducting a telephone survey of 83 women. As many as 79 of them asserted that they were offended by the scene. All of them felt Hrithik should have been kissing them instead.

If India was a communist country, no doubt Hrithik's lips would be owned by the state, and his kisses distributed equitably. But that isn't the case. Meanwhile, if you feel that the film might offend you or cause you to be vulgar, you are free not to watch the film.

I suspect the advocate in question would be quite upset if people were to take decisions on his behalf: what films he should watch, books he can read, and so on. Surely he should extend the same courtesy to others?

PS: Here's the freaking kiss, such as it is. Much ado over hardly anything. And to think this allegedly pissed Abhishek off, while Hrithik is so proud of it. Goodness.
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