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Monday, December 04, 2006

Blog that sandwich

Mena Trott of Six Apart is quoted as saying in the Economist:
[M]undane is interesting; it's OK to talk about your sandwich.
Yes! It's becoming fashionable these days (especially among those who don't blog, or whose blogs nobody reads) to disparage blogs as irrelevant personal diaries, full of "I woke up today and brushed my teeth" and "a blue collar looks better on my dog than a green collar" and so on. Well, even though blogging can be used for much else than publishing a personal diary, I think part of the charm of it is that we can use it to write about our dogs or our sandwiches or our mundane little blah-blah-blue.

Some of us take ourselves rather seriously, but basically we're just little people living little lives, and we can relate to the little things that other people write about. The tiffs they have, their painful commutes, their mood swings, the insecurities and apprehensions, we share them in different ways. It helps us to write about them, and it also helps us to read what others write about them. We connect, empathise, reach out, find reassurance. And ten years ago, so much of this wasn't possible. Can you imagine?

On that note, it's time for me to go find some salami.
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