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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dancing on treadmills

A few years back, a friend who has since written a book on cricket (whose title could be abbreviated to PFP) and I joined a gym together. We got one of those package deals that make it cheaper if you take two memberships at a time, which they called a dual membership or a couple membership or something similarly depraved. We joked, after paying up, that this probably meant we'd have to share the facilities in a literal sense. Jog on the same treadmill, one behind the other, instead of on two separate ones. And so on.

Well, what the fug? Halfway through the extraordinary video below, which features dancing on treadmills, the gentlemen featured do exactly that: run two to a treadmill. That's the easiest part of it, actually, and some of the dancing here is quite delectable, and superbly choreographed. Watch:

Naturally, these treadmills induce immense guilt in me. Not only have I left gymming long ago, I've gone quite a bit out of shape, like a self-indulgent blogpost. I need to exercise at home, at least. Ah, yes -- I think I'll take a walk now. I'll go to the kitchen and get a snack.

(Link via email from Jaspreet Singh, captain of the San Jose Panthers.)
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