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Friday, August 04, 2006


Apparently, it's becoming common for couples to sit together and surf the net -- on separate machines, of course -- a phenomonenon that is beginning to be known as 'couple-surfing'. And it even seems to help some relationships. An excerpt:
[A] couple -- married for 12 years -- say that for a while they communicated through weblogs without ever discussing their feelings face to face.

The Net is a boon for people who are verbally shy, and provides a great way to resolve disputes about facts, say some fans. Some couples play online games together, and computing seems to be a zone where men can be manly.

"For my birthday, he upgraded my RAM and I thought it was incredibly romantic," writes Jess.
If only it were that easy to please the women I know. "You upgraded my RAM?" I can imagine them screaming. "So effing what? Where's the portable hard drive I've been hinting at on my blog?"

(Link via Les, who pointed it out to me during lunch. I had kababs.)
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