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Monday, July 31, 2006

"The Undress Circle," or how to write recursive parody

There are many levels of bad prose, but the worst kind is surely that which cannot be parodied; that is virtually a parody of itself; recursive parody, as it were. The writers at Indiatimes have mastered this, as the following intro text for a slideshow makes clear:
The obsession with ‘bare’dom has been the focal point of men, maestros and masters down the years. And the fine line has often been crossed, raising the bar for bareness each time. These are ladies that have led the pack with seductive ease and inevitable grace. Together, we call them the ‘un’dress circle. Go on; raise your cheers to the glorious vision of these gorgeous vixens.
Needless to say, the pics are nice, and I wonder why Indiatimes doesn't offer them to readers as branded wallpapers or screensavers or (monetise, monetise) mobile phone backgrounds. And the text, ah, the text. Such joy comes.

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