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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An eye on the fish

Mumbai's police commissioner, AN Roy, goes all defensive about the blasts in this piece on Mumbai Police's site, and at one point writes:
I am like Arjun with an eye on the fish! I tell my officers, this case must be detected and as soon as possible.
Well, knowing the legend of Arjuna and the fish, I can only hope that Mr Roy is looking terrorism in the eye, and not just at its reflection.

(Link via email from reader Prajakta Samant.)

Update (July 19): Biswaroop Som writes in:
I guess Mr. Roy got it right with the eye but is confused between the fish and the bird. Remember the story of Arjun's intense concentration power when Drona asked all his pupils to aim at the eye of the toy bird and tell him what they saw? While the others saw a tree, the sky, a bird, Arjun was the only one whose focus lay only on the eye of the bird.

But then again he's a cop and not a mythological expert, so he can be forgiven.
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