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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Exams and marriage

The Times of India reports:
Shiv Charan, a 72-year-old Rajasthan man who has pledged not to marry till he passes his Class 10 board exam, will have to wait longer for a wife. He has failed in the examination yet again!

Also known as Sheojiram, the resident of Kohari village of Behror town, over 140 km from here [Jaipur], has been taking the test for the last 37 years ... Despite low marks in most subjects, he blames mathematics for his poor performance.
I do not wish to make fun of Mr Charan here. There, for for the grace of FSM, go I. But I'm curious about whether he has a prospective bride lined up, and how long she's been waiting. The report, sadly, makes no mention of that matter.

(Link via No Creativity, which wonders whether Mr Charan is displaying commitment or commitment phobia. Heh. I can imagine him running home after the results every year and telling his 95-year-old mommy, "Mommy, mommy, you can't get me married off this year, I've failed again. Hooray!"

Then he jumps on her lap and asks for doodoo.)
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