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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I know suicide is illegal in India, but it's one crime for which you only get punished if you actually fail at it. A 55-year-old gentleman, however, wants to take the legal route, and has petitioned the Supreme Court asking it to allow him to die. PTI reports:
Attar Singh, a resident of Ellenabad town of the district through a petition on February 13 told the Chief Justice of the apex Court that he has been getting "trouble, miseries and economic problems" for long.

He claims that the police on December 21, 1995 not only humiliated and insulted him, his wife and his children but also pulled his beard and moustaches in public when he along with his family was holding a peaceful demonstration against the "injustice committed by MDS University, Ajmer".
Heh. Given how long court cases in India drag on for, Mr Singh is almost certain to die of natural causes before the supreme court comes to a decision. In the meantime, I think the court should simply forbid him to shave so that the evidence is not destroyed. That'll serve him right for adding extra gunk to an already overloaded legal system.
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