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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The last minority

In an article on Atheists in Star Telegram, Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje writes:
But what, exactly, do atheists believe in, if not in God?

In a nutshell, atheists believe in reason alone, in those things that can be arrived at through intellect and the scientific method. Concrete evidence for God, they argue, simply doesn't exist. They don't cotton to leaps of faith or anything that involves a supernatural being reaching into human lives. They believe you can live a happy, respectable life based on human ethics that were derived not from God handing down a tablet but from a code of rules that emerged naturally through an evolutionary process in which humans learned how to live together successfully.
Yes, that sums it up well. Atheism is not an act of faith, as some non-atheists like to say, but an absence of faith. There is as little evidence of God's existence as there is of the Invisible Pink Unicorn's existence, and as little reason to believe in either.

An atheist libertarian, of course, will not contest your right to believe in whatever you want -- as long as you don't impose that belief on others. Fair enough, no?

(Link via email from MadMan.)
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