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Friday, August 26, 2005

When the sects don't meet

Mid Day reports:
Senior Police Inspector N V Nikam from the Special Branch, involved with keeping a watch on various Muslim sects in the city, was suspended on Tuesday for playing cards on duty. His colleagues said they played cards to kill time, as there was very little work in the department.


“The branch mainly collects information on Muslim sects in the city when they hold meetings or plan other activities. But when there are no meetings, we have nothing to do but play cards,” said a colleague.
This makes me both sympathetic and angry. I feel sympathy for Nikam, because as long as he is discharging the tasks given to him to the satisfaction of his bosses, I don't see why anyone should be concerned with what he does in his spare time. And I feel pissed off at the government that they are not allocating their resources efficiently -- especially when law and order in India is such a cruel joke. That's my money they're spending, and I wish they'd spend it well.
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