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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Kiddo at the gym

You're in a gym. A three-year-old tot is at the benchpress machine. A 44-year-old muscular grizzled veteran of the gym goes up to him.

Veteran: Hey, kiddo, what're you doing here? Go home and have some Complan.

Kiddo: I'm reading a book. [Pause.] Dude, uncle, can't you see, I'm doing weight training.

Veteran: Hey, kiddo, you're too young for this stuff, leave them weights alone. Go home and drink some Bournvita.

Kiddo: Dude, uncle, I can't do that, I need to work out, it's a hard, hard world out there. Only the tough survive.

Veteran: Hey, kiddo, you're kidding me, right? What's tough about your life? It should be tension-free. Go home and drink some Maltova.

Kiddo: Dude, uncle, what's tough about my life is that I go to school soon.

Veteran: Hey, kiddo, so what's so hard about that? Go home and drink some Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate.

Kiddo: Dude, uncle, what's tough about school is... this!

Veteran: [Reading the piece] Hey, kiddo, that's really tough, I see what you mean. Finish your workout, then go home and drink a protein shake. Good on ya, kid.
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