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Monday, August 15, 2005

The Indian Economy: a new blog

What better day could there be than August 15 to announce a new blog on the Indian economy called [blare of trumpets, thumping of anxious heartbeats] The Indian Economy. Stationed at, this is a group blog begun by Prashant Kothari, and I'm privileged to be a part of it.

Sharing that space with me are bloggers I've admired for a while now, and respect for their insights on both India and economics. There's Reuben Abraham, who does some outstanding blogging at the vastly under-rated Zoo Station. There's Atanu Dey, who deservedly won IndiBlogger of the Year at the last IndiBloggies. (I won a couple of minor awards, and Reuben picked up one as well.) There's my good pal, the despotic Yazad Jal of AnarCapLib. There are Amitabh Arora and Kaushik Banerjee, whom I haven't read enough of, a condition that will automatically get rectified as this blog takes off. And finally, there's Prashant himself, who blogs incisively at Inside, Outside, a blog on the Indian subcontinent and its disapora.

So, well, do check out The Indian Economy. It's just kicking off, and I hope you enjoy it as the days go by.

Update: More blog news: much to my delight, Jai Arjun Singh has agreed to join Chandrahas Choudhury and me at The Middle Stage. Chandrahas took it to new heights after he joined, and Jai, I'm sure, will make it even more of a delight to read. Much fun.
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