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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A glitch in the matrix

Residents of Mumbai will sense the familiar in this carnage. The New York Times reports about New Orleans:
With bridges washed out, highways converted into canals, and power and communications lines inoperable, government officials ordered everyone still remaining out of the city. Officials began planning for the evacuation of the Superdome, where about 10,000 refugees huddled in increasingly grim conditions as water and food were running out and rising water threatened the generators.


Across the region, rescue workers were not even trying to gather up and count the dead, officials said, but pushed them aside for the time being as they tried to find the living.
There's some good coverage on Hurricane Katrina on Instapundit -- particularly this post. CNN has been doing a great job as well, and there are some affecting video clips on their site. And here are reports from the BBC, the Washington Post and Reuters.
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