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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Liberal and conservative dreams

Kelly Bulkeley, who most recently wrote a book called "Dreaming Beyond Death: A Guide to Pre-Death Dreams and Visions", reveals in an interview what liberals and conservatives dream about. He says:
[W]hat I've found as a general trend is that the dreams of political liberals tend to have more bizarre, fantastical kinds of elements: more flying, more dead people coming back to life, more weird sexual dreams.

Conservatives, by contrast, tend to have more dreams of everyday events, every day settings and interaction.
Er, but what if "weird sexual" things are "everyday events" for you? You're probably a libertarian then! Libertarians mostly find themselves unable to support either conservatives or liberals (in the American sense; many libertarians would call themselves classical liberals). As I'd stated here, libertarians believe in individual freedom, and end up opposing the left because they are against economic freedom, and the right because they are often against social freedom. So we end up supporting free markets, and the leftists call us right-wingers and "free-market fundamentalists", and we end up supporting abortion rights and gay marriage, while opposing censorship, and the right calls us "woolyheaded liberals" for that. Everybody hates us, and all for sticking to that simple principle of freedom.

And no, I am not going going to tell you what I dream about.

(Interview link via email from reader Shravan Enaganti.)
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