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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pigs and the family

The Reddy family is fighting about pigs. Sushama Reddy says:
Pigs are the most misunderstood animals. It’s (sic) not as detached as a cat, but neither will it slobber all over you like a dog, but the fact is that a pig is extremely loyal. I think they are ideal pets and look so very adorable. I don’t mind rolling in the muck like a pig.
Well, we wouldn't mind it either, as long as she posted the pics. Meanwhile, her dad, CP Reddy, says:
Pigs symbolise pain and misery. They are dirty and it’s unpleasant to even have its picture at home. I don’t like the idea of Sushama collecting these things.
Interestingly, it seems from the article these quotes are from that Sushama doesn't even collect real pigs, but "pig soft toys, wall hangings, soaps, key chains, ceramic and clay pigs in different sizes." Dudette, get a real hog into your life, that's where the action is. Or a real cow.

(Link via the rockacious, bloggacious best-blogger-on-the-planetacious Sonia.)
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