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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Is it Mallika?

I couldn't care less about whether it really is Mallika Sherawat in that MMS I haven't seen, but it seems to matter a lot to everyone else in Mumbai. Mid Day has a story on it today, and there are some hilarious reactions by celebrities at the bottom. Bipasha Basu asks why "the man always goes scot-free," as if a crime has been committed, while Mahesh Bhatt informs us, "A sex symbol has mystique, but once everything has been seen, it’s all over." (Um, what about Pamela Anderson then?) But the reaction I liked best was Rakhi Sawant's, who said:
Oh God! An MMS clip of Mallika? Oooh, I want to see it! Please send it to me ASAP. I think it must be Mallika. She is a bindaas girl and Sawant can do anything.
Heh. Sawant can do anything, it seems. Yes, I know it's probably a typo, but that's the fun.
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