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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Play that tape again

The Anara Gupta case gets more and more complicated. The lady was arrested in November last year for appearing in a pornographic video, and was subsequently cleared when a Hyderabad laboratory concluded that she was not the person in the pornographic film that supposedly featured her. The police dropped the case against her, even as she threatened to sue. And now, another forensic lab in Chandigarh has done its own studies and has announced that Gupta is, indeed, the actress in the film in question.

Gupta and her family, it transpires, are planning to approach the president and the prime minister to request them to hand the case over to the CBI. Meanwhile, inspired by Anara's story, Mahesh Bhatt has announced his new project, Blue Film. According to this report, the film's story unveils like this:
Struggling to survive in his adopted city Mumbai, Bhatt's character falls in love, marries and goes on his honeymoon little knowing his bliss is going to turn into poison soon.

A hidden web cam photographs the intimate scenes of the newlyweds and soon, to his consternation, the hero finds the images splashed all over the Internet. But instead of regarding him as a victim, people accuse him of being involved in the smut trade.

Meanwhile, investigations continue as police officers and lab technicians, out of nothing but the call of duty, rewind and play, rewind and play, watch in slow motion and pause, rewind and play.
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