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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Proud to be Indian blah blah blah

How predictable that Tata's win in the battle over Corus should become an opportunity for people to indulge in nationalistic jingoism. Tell me, is there any reason why an achievement by a corporate group of which I am neither a shareholder nor an employee should make me feel proud? Pah.

There isn't a better illustration of what I'm talking about than this message board on Rediff. Some exquisite samples (all from different messages):
Keep the national flag fluttering high! Best wishes for future conquests.

True to the Indian tradition of the indomitable fighting spirit, you have done it once again!

It is a signal to the whole world that India has come out of its deep slumber and is kicking.

We are proud of you, You have made INDIA proud again in front of world forum.

You will be leader in makeing india proud.

we indians are doing well and are the movers and shakers of the world......u Tata has inspired all of us to beleive in ourself and look forward to do wounders

Simply i'm really glad and congrats to everyone in the country .......... i guess every Indian will be proud of this ....

The whole country salutes the invincible Tatas.Proud to be an Indian, always!!!!!!!!!!
Sigh. If I thought like these buggers, their grammar and punctuation would make me ashamed of being an Indian. How silly would that be?

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