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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Hot waali feelings?"

A few weeks ago I'd written about how I was hooked to Bigg Boss, and as Murphy would have it, my TV conked off shortly after that. For one reason or another, I haven't got it repaired, and have missed most Bigg Boss episodes after that. Well, I caught a recent snippet on the net a short while ago, and it's a hoot. In it, Roopali Ganguly opens up to Rakhi Sawant to tell her that she's not been kissed in three years, even though she's not a virgin, and Rakhi comes up with gems like "tere hont kunwaare hai" and "tujhe jung lag chuka hai." Such an agony aunt she would make. Joy.

To get to that portion of the clip, of course, you've got to get through Rahul Roy drawling about something or the other. The bugger's so boring, I'm amazed he doesn't fall asleep thinking.

Anyway, here's the clip. Have funn.
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